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Jara onekbar kore o declind khaisen tader janno cpabuild somporke kisu important notic:
(Rat 7.00 pm theke 12.00 pm vitor aply korbe.)
1.New mobile
2.New Mobile data or new wifi network
3.New gmail id new Mobile, gmail id te number use na korle valo hoi jemon (
Chrome browser use nah kore uc or firefox or opera mini use korle valo hoi.
1.Affpaying a duke oikhane cpabuild likhe charge diye join a click korbo.
Name ta id card onujaie.
4.Street Adress a Only village name,State a Division, city te District name and jar jar postal code
5.where did you about us?
Use korte paro, YouTube, Affpaying or friends jekono 2 ta ba 1 ta.
6.Current network?
7.Skype id na dile o pb nai
8.Websites na dile o pb nai
9.Main pb holo Promotional method : Promotional method a unic kisu use korba :ami jete use korsilam :Hi,I’m a Freelancer.My promotional method Facebook marketing, YouTube marketing.
Tomra aita ghuriye dite paro, jemon Freelancer er poriborte dite paro kisu outsourcing er name r Facebook marketing and YouTube marketing er theke akta chance kore dite paro.
Inshaallah avabe korle approved pabe.

Where did you hear about us?


1. Current Networks

Affmine ,Affpaying,CPAGrip,

More Current Networks

Promotional methods/traffic sources 1-10

1 I will Promote offer in facbook,youtube,printerst and other social media,
some time i will use paid ads like google ads, bing ads .

2 All forms of paid traffic unless it’s from Facebook, Google, Bing, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, YouTube or Snapchat

3 I have been working with CPABuild network. Best CPI CPL CPA Network ever.
Thousands niches and landing pages are built for you by the network and other affiliates

4 I will promote offers Facebook,Twitter,Instagram and my
fraffic source is Facebook,pinterst,reddit and other social media platform.
normaly I will promote offers with landing page.

5 I will promote my offer by social network and paid ads and website.

6 facebook ads, google Adwords, bing ads.

7 Google Adwords,Facebook Ads, Outbrain Amplify For Advertisers,LinkedIn Ads,Twitter Ads.

8 I will promote my offer Best Paid Traffic Sources For Marketing Affiliate Marketing ,PPC Traffic,Social Media Ads.
Targeting Options,Google Adwords,Bing Ads,Facebook Ads,Instagram Ads,These are all quickly fine.

9.I want to promote offers in Facebook,twitter,pinterest,reddit,youtube,
and google,bing ppc ads.

google+,Pinterest,linkedln,Telegram,website and others.

11. I promote my offer in bing and paid methed.I use facebook ,intagram for free marketing.
for paid marketing I use google and Facebook ads.


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